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About NCPA

The National Community Pharmacists Association, founded in 1898 as the National Association of Retail Druggists (NARD), represents the pharmacist owners, managers, and employees more than 23,000 independent community pharmacies across the United States. The nation's independent pharmacies, independent pharmacy franchises, and independent chains dispense nearly half of the nation's retail prescription medicines.

The nation's independent pharmacists are small business entrepreneurs and multifaceted health care providers who represent a vital part of the United States' health care delivery system. They have roots in America's communities. They are community leaders actively involved in community-oriented public health, civic, and volunteer projects. Many hold local elected offices; others serve as state legislators.

NCPA's Long-Term Care Division
Don't leave your pharmacy's long-term care interests unprotected!

The National Community Pharmacists Association is the advocate for independent community pharmacies. Working together, we've won victories in Congress and the courts, such as scaling back the AMP Medicaid cuts and getting prompt payment from Medicare Part D plans.

Now, NCPA is setting its sights on the needs of independent long-term care providers. Over the past year NCPA has received numerous member requests to enhance our advocacy efforts in the growing field of long-term care (LTC) pharmacy. As a result, we've increased our capabilities by adding staff and providing resources to take on issues that affect your bottom line, like short cycle dispensing, LTC nurse-as-agent, and e-prescribing in LTC settings.

Your support for this effort will give LTC providers a much-needed voice in Washington.

NCPA: Committed to your independent pharmacy's LTC success!

About NCPA Membership

NCPA affects your bottom line. We are your voice legislatively, help you be a better owner, run a stronger business, find better employees and make more money. We mentor student pharmacists during their schooling; help new owners navigate their start up; help established pharmacies find pharmacy friendly services, including PBMs; and help retiring pharmacists sell or pass along their business. NCPA is your partner throughout the pharmacist career cycle.

Members have access to members-only business development advice and benefits that include everything from store efficiency, staff development and training, marketing, building consumer loyalty, lease negotiation and making sense of today's regulatory and business-related issues.

NCPA members include pharmacy owners, pharmacy students, staff pharmacists in a variety of practice settings and technicians. Membership fees are dependent upon your role.

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NCPA Headquarters
100 Daingerfield Rd
Alexandria, Va 22314

(800) 544-7447
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