Long-Term Care Pharmacy 101 and 102

This two-part course, developed and provided by McKesson Health Systems, presents an overview of the long-term care (LTC) industry to help you explore potential expansion opportunities and decide if they are right for your business. The courses are free of charge, however you must register to view the programs. Click on the links below to register. For step-by-step registration instructions, click here.

LTC Pharmacy 101 provides a 55-minute overview of long-term and alternate-site care and the roles independent pharmacies can take in serving these facilities. Completing this module can help you:

  • Understand LTC facilities and medication usage across the continuum of care
  • Know the services required by long-term care and alternate-site pharmacies
  • Recognize key trends that may offer you growth opportunities
  • Review the reimbursement process and how providing long-term care can be profitable

LTC Pharmacy 102 builds on the information in LTC 101, with a focus on the business aspects of long-term care and alternate-site pharmacy, providing additional details to help you:

  • Focus on business issues, particularly finances and marketing
  • Evaluate regulatory challenges and opportunities that can affect your entry to the market
  • Identify key decision makers in long-term care and alternate-site pharmacy

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