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What You Need to Know About Medicare Part D LTC e-Prescribing
Effective Nov. 1, the electronic transmission of prescriptions and prescription-related information for Medicare Part D beneficiaries must use version 10.6 of the NCPDP SCRIPT Standard. Previously there was an exemption to the requirement to use NCPDP SCRIPT in place for long-term care, but that exemption will be lifted beginning in November.

Senior Care is Evolving, Make Sure Your Interests are Represented
The world of long-term care is rapidly expanding and changing beyond just nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities. During the members forum, you'll have the chance to learn more about member benefits, receive the latest regulatory and policy updates affecting your LTC practice, and hear from peers on the importance of joining and how their membership has strengthened their bottom line.

Accountable Care Organizations and LTC Pharmacy—The New Era in Health Care Delivery
Accountable Care Organizations, or ACOs, is a term you hear from every stakeholder in the health care delivery space today. It will have a direct impact on health care professionals, suppliers and manufacturers and will change the delivery of care. Although ACOs will bring unique challenges, they will also present exciting opportunities for those prepared. This program featured the key components LTC pharmacies need to be thinking about in preparation for this new era in health care delivery.

The one-hour webinar featured James Vasquenza Jr., vice president of the preferred provider network for Innovatix, a group purchasing organization based in New York, NY, and his colleague, John Jordan, senior director of long term care pharmacy services.

Cost-to-Dispense Research for LTC Pharmacies
NCPA recently completed a cost-to-dispense (CTD) study specific to independent, closed-door LTC pharmacies. This webinar provided information about the CTD research results and the applications for this information in your pharmacy. The program featured study highlights, including the additional costs LTC pharmacies incur to meet CMS LTC performance guidelines and how mandated changes to short-cycle dispensing affects the average CTD of an LTC pharmacy.

The one-hour webinar featured Norman V. Carroll, Ph.D., Professor of Pharmacoeconomics and Health Outcomes at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy and Michael T. Rupp, Ph.D., Professor of Pharmacy Administration at Midwestern University College of Pharmacy. Glendale.

LTC Pharmacy: Billing and Reimbursement Considerations for Short-Cycle Dispensing
The second in a series of LTC business webinars, Billing Considerations and Reimbursement for Short-Cycle Dispensing provided a brief overview of the short-cycle dispensing regulation and how pharmacies and long-term care facilities will be impacted. The program featured information about billing and reimbursement that pharmacies should consider in preparation for short-cycle dispensing, including a review of the NCPDP fields and codes related to short-cycle.

The one-hour webinar featured Edmond O'Reilly, vice president of pharmacy network operations at Managed Health Care Associates, Inc., a group purchasing organization based in Florham Park, NJ and Dave Lewis, president of Consonus Healthcare. A brief NCPA Advocacy Update was also provided.

LTC Pharmacy: Building Your Business for Increased Revenue and Profit
This informative webinar provides an overview of the industry and how it is changing. It describes the service progression for most LTC pharmacy providers, and answers your questions about LTC services in a combination retail/LTC pharmacy. Questions such as: What steps can my pharmacy take to expand; how can I maximize my business in a combo-shop; and what do efficiency and success look like in this setting? The discussion includes tips you can use for billing, contracting, and staffing.

Speakers: Denny Sherrill, RPh, MBA, vice president of sales at GeriMed, a group purchasing organization based in Louisville, KY, and Rick Steinhauser, president of Merwin LTC Pharmacy.

LTC Pharmacy Forum on LTC Audits
The NCPA LTC Audits Webinar on July 12, 2011 provided valuable information for LTC pharmacists about general audit information, perspectives on legal rights, and obligations for pharmacy audits. The panel of experts included John Cronin, PharmD, JD, of Fredrickson Mazeika & Grant, LLC, Mark Jacobs, RPh, of PAAS National, Inc., and Craig Stern, RPh, PharmD, MBA, of Pro Pharma Pharmaceutical Consultants, Inc. Click on the Audio File link below to listen.

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