About Tim Davis, Pharm.D.

Tim Davis

Tim Davis is a well-known independent pharmacy expert, owner of Beaver Health Mart, and pharmacist of Brighton Health Mart, located in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Tim oversees a growing, community pharmacy operation that offers a great example of how independent pharmacy, providing the right patient services and care, can complete successfully in a marketplace that is otherwise, heavily dominated by national, retail drugstore chains.

Proud of his western Pennsylvania roots, Tim is a guest lecturer and adjunct instructor at University of Pittsburgh’s School of Pharmacy and has also developed community pharmacy teaching curriculum that focuses on building patient relationships while emphasizing physical examination skills and knowledge of pharmacoeconomics, Medication Therapy Management (MTM) and business design.

He currently serves on several national and local committees and advisory boards, including the National Community Pharmacist Association’s (NCPA) Committee for Technology in Pharmacy, the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Pharmacy Executive Alumni Board, McKesson’s Independent Advisory Board, and the Health Mart Ambassador Group. He is also actively involved in the local community health outreach efforts as a volunteer with the University of Pittsburgh’s Program for Healthcare to Underserved Populations.

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